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Veganism is the fastest growing trend – I’m sure you’ve noticed that this year more than ever people are looking for plant-based food, whether or not they call themselves ‘vegan.’

There is a lot of vegan food available in supermarkets and fast food chains, however small restaurants and cafes have no easy way to get the word about their plant-based offerings. Someone might share something on social media and you’d get an influx of customers, but soon that post goes off their timelines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an increased but steadier flow of customers?

Vegan Menu exists to help you get the word out to vegans and the growing veg-curious crowds about your food.

How does it work?

Well, right now, anyone using Vegan Menu can, and maybe already has, add your food to the database. You are also welcome to add any of your menu items or improve existing listings. Once your food is on the app, people nearby will see it when they check for locally available eats.

Additionally, you are welcome to become a sponsor of Vegan Menu, which will give you full control over your listings, as well as the ability to…

  • Offer specials and discounts to draw eyes to your listings.
  • Respond to reviews of your food.
  • Give particular app users vouchers, such as when a negative comment has been left.
  • Have a central Vegan Menu page for your plant-based items.

… and more as our service grows.

How to start & Pricing

Sign up for Vegan Menu

Add your food. Or, if you want to reach more people, add yourself as a sponsor business (au$50 per month with a 30 day trial). The subscription is organised through your profile on the app and Stripe, but the connection between your profile and your business will be made over the phone when we contact you (at a time of your request on your advertised business phone).